The RPMC 1700 Series is high precision Tachometer calibrator, generates true reference rotation per minute (RPM). This calibrator uses “German technology” with high speed motor, high precision encoder and adoption of a new power full 32 bit CPU in control drive, featuring automated gain tunning function, stability, stable stop, rugged in use and many more.

Due to it’s light weight and rugged Aluminum enclosure, it is suitable for in-house and onsiteca libration of contact / non contact Tachometer, Tacho coil, Tacho generator, RPM indicator, RPM transmitter, Speedo meter, Proximity sensor, Stroboscope, etc,.

  • 7” True colour TFT display with Touch screen
  • Low noise
  • Quick settling time
  • Any odd valve is setable for both contact & non contact rpm
  • Better stability
  • High resolution
  • Ultra-stable motor with High precision encoder and Drive.
  • Direct drive shaft (there is no gear)
  • Compact size

Model: RPMC 1700-3A
Display: 7” True colour TFT LCD Display with Touch screen
Control range: Contact : 0 to 8000 RPM,Non Contact : 0 to 1,20,000 RPM
Resolution: 0.001 RPM
Display stability: Contact : ± 0.002 RPM, Non Contact : ± 0.01 RPM
Stability: Contact : ± 0.1 RPM, Non Contact : ± 2 RPM
Accuracy: Contact : ± 0.2 RPM, Non Contact : ± 5 RPM
Stability time : with in 5 seconds
Noise level: 50 dB
Motor: Ultra stable motor with high resolution encoder and controller
Power Supply: 230V AC ± 10% / 50Hz (Optional 110V AC)
Power Consumption: 750 VA
Overall Dimension: 260mm L x 440mm W x 230mm H (Approx)
Instrument Weight: 13 kg(Approx.)

Due to continuous product improvements, Published specifications may change with out notice.

Standard Delivery

Basic Instrument
Spare Fuses
Mains Card
Instruction manual
Traceable calibration certificate


Master Tachometer
Additional Reflection stickers
Carrying case