Welcome To SANSEL
SANSEL series TCAL 1501 / 1200 is a micro controller based precision DRY BLOCK temperature calibrators generates true reference temperature.
Welcome To SANSEL
SANSEL Model TCAL 1401 / 600 Dry well Temperature calibrator are high performance for industrial atmosphere and covering temperature range from Amb.+5 to 600C.
Welcome To SANSEL
SANSEL series TCAL 1501 / 300 is a micro controller based precision DRY BLOCK temperature calibrators generates true reference temperature.
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SANSEL INSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS is a leading organisation that has established itself in the manufacture of Calibrators, Process Control Instruments and Analytical Instruments. And also we are ISO/ IEC17025 Standard Accredited Calibration Laboratory approved by NABL, India, in the field of Thermal, Mechanical, and Electro-Technical Parameters.

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June 8, 2023

Resistance Temperature Detector

SSPRT is Highly Accurate Platinum Resistance Thermometer(PT 100) offer thetemperature range of – 200 to 660ºC. SSPRT gives the benefit of high accuracy andlow drift in a solid metal case. Wire wound resistance element give good stabilitywith low temperature coefficient and high accuracy.SSPRT is constructed with a 6 mm...
June 8, 2023

Humidity and Temperature Simulator

SANSEL Model HCAL 1104U Humidity and Temperature Generator is to perform a rapid & easy calibration of portable instruments, sensors, Transmitter and data logger of different manufacturers. Solid state Heating & Cooling technology with high performance humidification system, generate precision chamber stability & uniformity gradient range from 5 to...
June 7, 2023

Temperature Calibrator

Exact Temperature Measurement and Monitoring are must in Applications crucial to operational safety of Machinery and Industrial Installations. Regular Inspection of the Temperature Sensors used in these Applications is Absolutely Essential for Economic and Technical-safety Reasons and is Already prescribed as obligatory in many sectors.
June 7, 2023

Infrared Black Body Calibrator

SANSEL Model BCAL 1202, Black body Calibrator is used to measure the accuracy and performance of non-contact Thermometers. Infra red thermometer & online pyrometer calibration is performed by comparison of the temperature measured by UUC and target temperature indicated by the calibrator or using standard pyrometer. Focus the Unit...

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Saravana Krishnan

Very good service. Timely delivery. Apart from the quality of work their approach of customers is very pleasing .

Rahini Rohini

Extremely happy with your services. All the staffs are very supportive. Good service and timely delivered. Continue this good work.

Sriram R

Timely quality calibration service experience. They provide services in nominal price also. I have done a multimeter calibration.


Good service done by him. calibration perfect ontime delivery. Best Quality. Their technical support is also very good.

Sathish kumar

All testo instruments available here. Good service and prompt response. Very good Instructions site.