Universal input data visualization software

DL Series 8/16/24/32 Channel Universal Touch screen Data Logger accept input RTD, Thermocouple, Voltage, Current. The Logger suitable for Temperature Pressure, Humidity, Level, Flow, RPM, Voltage, Current, etc… The input is passed through suitable filters to eliminate unwanted signals. This is a high performance series equipped to handle virtually any process documentation in mechanical and system engineering, Cold junction compensation is standard feature in Thermocouple input.
DL Series Universal Touch screen Data Logger provides memory Approximately 25,000
Records, communication port for PC interfacing and user friendly Customized Software package. The DL Series Universal Touch screen Data Logger is multi colour TFT display, USB 2.0 for
Pen drive data transfer, compact size, priced very competitive. The unit can be drawn from the front for Easy servicing. Product Quality Certified.






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