Portable high precision temperature calibrator

SANSEL Model TCAL 1503 series of Dry well Temperature calibrator range from -100 to 1200 °C in four model (TCAL 1503 / -100, TCAL 1503 / -45, TCAL 1503 / 300, TCAL 1503 / 600 & TCAL 1503 / 1200) are high precision, better resolution, stability, fast in heating and cooling. More well dia and depth to calibrate more number of temperature sensor at a time with better uniformity. These models can meet any calibration requirement in laboratories or onsite applications. This models are inbuilt measuring facility of the thermocouples, RTD, Resistance, millivolt & milliamps to directly read the signals from most of the temperature sensors, indicator with sensor and transmitter. Temperature range from -100 to 40 °C with high resolution 0.01 °C up to 40 °C. This model is mainly used in all industries, like Pharmaceutical, food, Research & calibration laboratories etc., These models are using 4.3” True colour TFT display with Touch screen, easy to read multi parameter at the same time like, block temperature, set temperature, measure value, real time clock with date & time, control output %, stability time & status, range of the equipment with necessary unit of measurement and three soft touch keys are used for measure configuration, settings, calibration etc.., It has one more advantage of help menu for operating instruction of the equipment via the same screen , Hence no need of Hard copy of instruction manual.






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