Dry Block Temperature Calibrators
Dry Block Temperature Calibrators

Jumbo Temperature Indicator

SANSEL offers JUMBO PROCESS INDICATORs are extremely versatile Indicators that can be used for a wide variety of applications. These Instrument offer extreme reliability and low cost for Process measurement and logging. PIJ – 542 A1 is a Microprocessor based instrumentation ensures accurate readings for all Linear Parameters. A number of programmable features including In-line calibration are standard. All the parameters are saved in a non volatile EEPROM memory which doesn’t

needs any external battery. PIJ-542 A1 can offer relay outputs for signals exceeding set points. Programmable Re Transmission output models are also available in addition to the industry standard 4 -20mA or 0 – 10V DC output. Optional RS 485 (2 wire ) output also provided for PC

communication with PC Interface software & also with MODBUS RTU protocol.

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