PHI 641

SANSEL make online pH indicator is a precis,rugged and weather proof instrument carefully designed for the most accurate measurement of pH in all industries. These instruments are completely IC version using “MOSFET” input “OP - AMP” and CMOS ICs. This instrument is a panel mountable with a compact standard size of 48 x 96 x 65mm with front end potmeter type easy adjustable 4pH & 7pH buffer calibration option. This instrument operates from 90V to 270V AC, 50Hz.


PH 600 - 1

The pH 600 - 1 series of pH Controller and Transmitter provides a reliable method of Monitoring, Controlling & Transmitting 4 - 20mA / RS 485 MODBUS RTU communication for Interfacing to PLC, Data logger, HMI, etc.,. This product is suitable to measure pH in water treatment, Electrolytic water cleaning, Chemical Industries, Food Process, Waste Water treatment, Textile Industries & Neutralization process, etc.,. This pH Controller & Transmitter can Measured using Industrial Combined pH Sensors, Temperature can be measured using temperature sensor. This pH Controller & Transmitter has many User Friendly and Safety Features.


PH 600 - 4

1. PH Transmitter with ATC (Automatic temperature Compensation) in IP-65 Housing
2. 2 Wire 4~20mA Isolated Output
3. Galvanic Isolation : 1500VDC (Input / Output)
4. Large LCD Display
5. Input from pH sensor
6. Measuring range: 0-14 pH


TDS 642

SANSEL make TDS indicator is extremely useful for fast and accurate determination of total dissolved solids in a liquid. The use of solid state technology and IC circuitry makes this instrument versatile and reliable. The factory set fixed range is available. The instrument is ideal for testing of natural water,drinking water,waste water,brine solution, sea water and soluble salts, etc.