Dry Block Temperature Calibrators
Dry Block Temperature Calibrators
Dry Block Temperature Calibrators


SANSEL Model TCAL 1401 / -30 Dry well Temperature
calibrator are high performance for industrial atmosphere and
covering temperature range from -30* to 100°C. Which are ideally
suited onsite calibration of thermocouple, RTDs, Indicator with
sensors & 4-20mA signal transmitter with indicator in Food,
Pharmaceutical and all types of process industries.
Having it’s advantage of user friendly, light weight,
portable, fast settling, better uniformity and accuracy over a wide
temperature range.
TCAL 1401 / -30 having interchangeable inserts to suit for
calibration of different diameter of sensors (upto 16mm). Additional
Inserts(optional) with special drillings are available to order.

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