Clarity of water is extremely important in products destined for human consumption. Suspension free water is also considered necessary for industries manufacturing beverage, food products etc. Similarly, minimum limits of turbidity are required to be observed in drinking water & sewage disposals.


SANSEL Digital Nephelometer are ideal instruments for measurement of suspensions. They consist of a light source focused on a test tube containing the sample solution under test. The light, reflected at right angle to the focused light by the suspension in the solution, is detected by the photo electric detector, amplified and displayed on a 3½ digit LED display.

Automotive Industries
Beverage Industries
Electronic industries
Paper & Textile Industries
Food Industries
Pharmaceutical Industries
6 Digit Seven Segment LED Display
Wide Range 999999 Counts
3 to 30V DC Input Pulse from any type Senso
Allows Maximum 3.5 kHz Input Pulse Speed
Low / Medium / High Speed Input Pulse selection
Front End Reset with Protection
External Reset Options
10 Years Memory Backup
Universal Supply Voltage 90 to 270V AC / DC

Model: DC 330
Input: 3 - 30V DC from Proximity Sensor, Photoelectric Non Contact Sensor, Encoder, Potential Free Contacts, Limit Switch etc.
Input Speed: 3.5 kHz (Max.)
Range :0 - 999999 counts
Resolution : 1 count /pulse
Sensor Supply: 12V DC (±10%) 50mA
Display :6 Digit 0.5” / 0.3” seven Segment Red Led
Working temperature:0 - 50 ºC
Weight: 200 grams (Approx.)

Due to continuous product improvements, Published specifications may change with out notice