Dry Block Temperature Calibrators
Dry Block Temperature Calibrators

SANSEL offers PIJ - 542 C1 Model Process indicators are extremely versatile Indicators that can be used for a wide variety of applications. These Instrument offer extreme reliability and low cost for Process measurement and logging. PIJ - 542 C1 is a Microprocessor based instrumentation ensures accurate readings for all Linear Parameters. A number of programmable features including In-line calibration are standard. All the parameters are saved in a non volatile EEPROM memory which doesn't needs any external battery. PIJ-542 C1 can offer relay outputs for signals exceeding set points. Programmable Re Transmission output models are also available in addition to the industry standard 4 -20mA or 0 - 10V DC output. Optional RS 485 (2 wire ) output also provided for PC communication with PC Interface software & also with MODBUS RTU protocol.

SANSEL Digital Nephelometer are ideal instruments for measurement of suspensions. They consist of a light source focused on a test tube containing the sample solution under test. The light, reflected at right angle to the focused light by the suspension in the solution, is detected by the photo electric detector, amplified and displayed on a 3½ digit LED display.

Monitoring , Recording, Controlling process in various Applications as follows
pH / ORP
TDS / Conductivity
Voltage / Current /Power

8” 4 Digit 7 segment RED LED display
High Accuracy
Compact Size
24 Bit ADC Resolution
Selectable Inputs RTD , all types of thermocouples , mA, mV , Voltage , ohms.
Wide Selectable Range between -199999 to 199999 counts
Easy Field Configurable with Front Key Calibration
Optional PC software with Monitoring, Logging, Report & Graph
Optional MODBUS RTU protocol
24V DC External Sensor Supply
Programmable Decimal Point & Display Noise Filter
Universal Supply Voltage 90 to 270 AC / DC

Model: PIJ 542c
Display: 8 ” 4 Digit 7 segment RED LED
Analog Inputs: 0 - 20 mA, 0 to 70 mV, -10 to 10 V DC, 0 - 4000 Ù (H & L Limit Programmable)
Temperature Inputs: RTD - PT 100, PT 1000 Thermocouple - J, K, R, S, T, B, N, E
Analog Display Range: - 1999 to 9999 (H & L Limit Programmable)

Due to continuous product improvements, Published specifications may change with out notice