SANSEL Model TCAL 1401 / 1200 Dry well Temperature calibrator are high performance for industrial atmosphere and covering temperature range from 500 to 1200°C. Which are ideally suited onsite calibration of thermocouple, RTDs, Indicator with sensors & 4-20mA signal transmitter with indicator in Glass, Steel, Forging and all types of process industries.


Having it’s advantage of user friendly, light weight, portable, fast settling, better uniformity and accuracy over a wide temperature range.


TCAL 1401 / 1200 having interchangeable inserts to suit for calibration of different diameter of sensors (upto 39mm). Additional Inserts(optional) with special drillings are available to order.

  • High Bright 4 + 4 digit 7 seg LCD Display with 4 keys
    Portable & Rugged
    Range from 500 to 1200°C
    No Liquids, Safe dry Calibration
    Micro Controller Based Linearized High Accuracy
    Stable to ± 2°C
    Axial + Radial uniformity - better than ± 2°C
    Inter changeable insert to suit different diameter sensor - up to 39 mm
    ISO / IEC 17025 Standard Accredited Calibration Certificate

Model: TCAL 1401 / 1200
Temperature Range: 500 to 1200°C
Resolution: 1 °C
Stability: ± 2 °C
Axial + Radial Uniformity: Better than ± 2 °C
Display: 0.58” (15mm)(Block) / 0.3”(7.8mm) (Set) 4 digit LCD Display with 4 keys
Accuracy: Better than ± 2 °C
Temperature Read out: °C
Heating time: 50 mins (Amb. To 1200 °C)
Cooling time: 120 mins (1200 to 100 °C)
Stabilization time: 30 minutes
Well Dimension(dia. x height): 39 x 150 mm
Standard well holes in mm: 5.2, 6.2, 6.2, 10.1 & 12.1
Power supply: 230V AC ± 10% / 50Hz (Optional 110V AC)
Power Consumption: 1900 VA
Overall Dimension in mm: 340 x 175 x 425 (L x B x H)(Approx.)
Instrument Weight: 18 kg(without well insert)(Approx.)

Due to continuous product improvements, Published specifications may change with out notice

Standard Delivery

Basic Instrument
Standard well insert
Well tool
Spare fuses
Instruction manual
Mains card
Traceable calibration certificate


Master Indicator with sensor
Additional well insert
Carrying case