Humidity Sensor

Measurement of relevant climatic data is becoming more and more important in Clean room , Storage, Manufacturing, Testing and Calibration lab, Research lab etc,. This Humidity, Temperature & Pressure indicator offer very accurate measurement of Relative Humidity, Temperature and Absolute pressure (or) differential pressure by excellent readability of very high intensity seven segment LED display The Humidity ,Temperature & Pressure indicator housed with rugged case allow to use in tough industrial environments, Latest technology and well proven sensor guaranteed high accuracy and long term stable measurement.


Meteorology lab


Ventilation air conditioning

Food processing industries

Testing and calibation labs

Research lab,etc,.


High intensity , 7 segment LED display for long distance viewing

Pre selectable ( Low & High ) alarm output for all three parameter

Two relay with one buzzer output

Easy wall mountable with key hole provision.

Compact in size and rugged use , etc,.